With the recent boom in rooftop solar installations and the issues it may be contributing to the grid (particularly in WA and SA), COMMUNITY BATTERIES (storage located at the distribution level) make a lot of SENSE. Multiple BENEFITS/value stacks to arise: – Less curtailment of existing BtM solar PV systems – Network load shifting (charge during the day in the evening) – Asset utilisation (batteries better utilised than BtM) – Delay network upgrades. DOWNSIDES are Read More
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With over 22,000 residential batteries installed (representing 1 GWh of storage capacity), momentum is strong as we embark on the next phase of renewable energy investment – battery energy storage. Household and utility scale systems will lead the way with businesses to follow. Batteries will be used to ‘flatten the curve’ by storing the abundance of excess solar generated for use at later times. At Solar-e we have developed tools to help our customers optimally Read More
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One of the few bright spots (pun intended) for businesses in the current environment is the increase in the Instant Asset Write-Off threshold to $150,000 and turnover of up to $500m until 30 June.  This will increase and accelerate the financial returns for solar PV systems – see table inset. A 99 kW system would certainly fall within this threshold. If you’ve been on the fence about making a purchase and you’ve got the capital Read More
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They say people think about energy as they do taxes – uninteresting, complicated and something you can’t do much about.  Among the many challenges that are facing Australian businesses today (global competition, skills shortages, technological disruption), the rising costs of energy are now at the forefront. Energy prices are at an all time high and are viewed as the no. 1 area of concern for businesses for the next ten years.  There is a lot Read More
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You hear about all these claims about solar saving you a bunch of money on your electricity bill. Well here is the data to provide it. These are figures are taken from a residential solar PV system we helped commission and also own in Parramatta NSW 2150. Key solar system highlights: – 91% electricity bill reduction – 4.4 year payback trajectory – 53% of electricity sourced from solar (clean energy) – System production exceeded forecasts Read More
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