With over 22,000 residential batteries installed (representing 1 GWh of storage capacity), momentum is strong as we embark on the next phase of renewable energy investment – battery energy storage. Household and utility scale systems will lead the way with businesses to follow.

Batteries will be used to ‘flatten the curve’ by storing the abundance of excess solar generated for use at later times.

At Solar-e we have developed tools to help our customers optimally size battery systems based on their energy profile and objectives (financial, resilience etc). Needs are unique and batteries should be designed around those needs.

Click on the dashboard we created for a residential customer persona – Suburban Melbourne working family with two children.. 6 kW LONGi solar PV system paired with a 14 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.


Interesting insights

– Energy bill will go down from $2.3k p.a. to $500 p.a.

– Energy draw from grid in the summer months is almost nil due to the abundance of solar energy being generated and stored for use in the non-solar hours. data datadriven solar batteries