Help where you need it

Right system and price

Employing advanced data analytics we’ll design your perfect system.

Source and screen installers

We source and screen up to three suppliers  from our pre-vetted panel.

Help deliver the project

We support you through the installation process to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Using industry leading analytics we help you get the optimal system at the right price.

Get the right size

We take into account building characteristics, energy and financial data to recommend a system best suited to your needs.

Don't overpay

Access the latest pricing on systems through our strong relationships with leading manufacturers and installers.

Know what your system will do

We provide simple and actionable financial insights which enable you to make a considered decision,

Save time and reduce risk by going through our panel of proven suppliers.

Save time

Focus on your business and let us do the hard work of choosing the right installer and negotiating terms.

Experienced and qualified

We make sure recommended installers have the relevant accreditation and experience.

Peace of mind

We ensure our installed systems are of the highest quality.

Our project support services ensure you save time and receive regular communication.

Save time

Don't waste time getting updates, let us do it for you. We act as the key liaison point with the supplier.

Regular communication

We provide regular updates on the project so you always know how it is progressing.

Supplier accountability

Our support which includes site visits (if required) and regular dialogue with the supplier reduces the risk of the project not going to plan.

How it Works

Our team of analysts and engineers provide a FREE* end to end project support service. Think of us as your trusted energy project advisor.

*Any deposits paid to engage our services are refunded to you upon successful system installation / payment from the supplier (usually following stage 5).

Who we've worked with

Our services extend to a wide range of customers from small businesses, ASX listed companies and not-for-profits.

We'll design a system for you

Using our proprietary analytics engine we’ll design a system perfectly tailored to your needs e.g. optimise financial returns, maximise energy generation, future proofed to support future upgrades like batteries.

Save time and ensure quality

By sourcing and screen installers and equipment on your behalf, we not only save you time but ensure our systems adhere to a high standard of quality.

Tailored financing

We understand that not all businesses have the upfront capital to access a solar system. We will connect with tailored and competitive finance solutions.

Reduce your energy costs today

Enquire about how we can help you reduce your energy costs, take control of your supply and meet your environmental obligations. Fill out the contact form below and our team members will reach out to you.